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Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) is a National Disabled Persons Organization (DPO) working at all levels of community with the involvement of persons with disabilities to bring about positive change. We were founded by and for children and youth with disabilities in Kenya.

ANDY is dedicated to achieve equality, inclusion, and empowerment of children and youth with disabilities in Kenya through main streaming this group into all aspects of daily life. ANDY is a unique initiative that provides an inspiring environment for people with different types of disabilities and people without disabilities to work together.

Our Mission

To enhance the life prospects of children and youth with disabilities through education and sustainable livelihoods.
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Our Programs

This is ANDY

| Special Initiatives

Through this pillar, our organization takes on strategic projects where we have sufficient competencies and the delivery of the projects directly or indirectly contributes to our vision while positively impacting the lives of children and youth with disabilities in Kenya.

Through this pillar, we also collaborate and partner with other like-minded organizations to implement projects that have mutual objectives and contributes to furthering our vision and mission.

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| Quality Education and lifelong learning opportunities

ANDY works to advance access to education for children and youth with disabilities both within the inclusive,integrated and special school settings,while emphasizing the need for educational facilities to be accessible in promotion of inclusive education.

We see education as the biggest liberator for persons with disabilities and thus an important investment in children and young people with disabilities.

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This is ANDY

This is ANDY

| Sustainable Livelihoods

ANDY empowers youth with disabilities with entrepreneurial and employability skills to enable them earn a sustainable income and therefore lead independent lives as well as contribute to national development.

We look at livelihoods not only as economic activities that people engage in,but also their social ,institutional and organizational environment .Our work in this area focuses on both human capital ( skills,knowledge,health and ability to work) and social,natural,physical financial and political capital.

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Get Invoved

Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY), is a Kenyan Non Governmental Organization formed by and for youth with disabilities. It is duly registered with the Government of Kenya through the NGO Board.


1. Donate

ANDY relies on support from individual well-wishers, corporate bodies, development organizations, government and charity organizations to run its projects towards the empowerment of young disabled people in Kenya. It is generous support from friends who believe in our work, which enables us to make a lasting positive impact in the lives of young disabled people in Kenya.

How to donate

2. Fundraise

There are many ways friends like you can assist our efforts wherever you are in this global village, there is a shared satisfaction when we help one another in solving problems that affect us the most and hinder progress in our pursuits.

How to fundraise
This is ANDY

3. Friends of ANDY

This is one way of continually getting involved in our work; it is a membership scheme where one signs at a fee which is used to support our activities and programmes to enable us reach more young disabled people around the country who need assistance to make it in life. The membership fee is paid annually and is in the different categories.

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4. Volunteer

At ANDY, we have opportunities for individuals who are passionate and empathic about people with disabilities. Action Network for the disabled gives you the opportunity to contribute in many ways and supports your professional and social growth. We are always looking for individuals from across the world to join our teams in Nairobi.

How to volunteer

Our Patners

We know that problems facing young disabled people and persons with disabilities in general are myriad, thus take cognisance of the fact that; building partnerships at all levels will make our work easier and achievable in the long run. With limited resources, pooling efforts together guarantees success and brings new ideas and strength to our work.

Below are some of our current and past partners who have either funded us or provided particular services that facilitate the achievement of our objectives.


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