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Radio Advocacy ensued a job for a Youth with Disability

Ms. Unice taking a video shot during an assignment.

By Faustine Chepchirchir

A Youth with disability has landed a job following a radio advocacy show at Niusline TV. The radio show aired on February accentuated on the competitive advantage of disability inclusive employment saw Unice Musau garnering a job after successfully completing her internship at the media house.

Speaking on phone, Niusline Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Grace Ndunge who was also the host of show said that the discussion irked her longtime desire of embracing diversity and inclusion at the workplace. Therefore, compelled to make a deliberate effort in ensuring they get a qualified employee with a disability onboard.

The CEO said that through partnership with Action Network for the Disabled, she was able to receive CVs of several qualified potential candidates with disabilities in the field of Mass Communication and related disciplines for shortlisting for the position of Communications Intern which was open in June.

“We’ve always strove to get persons with disabilities (PWDs) onboard, but through our advertisements, we’ve not been able to receive their candidature or maybe they never mention having a disability on

Niusline CEO Grace Ndunge posing for a photo.

their application. Consequently, the need to work with organization of PWDs to reach them.” Said Grace.

Ms. Grace noted that like everyone, Unice underwent their vigorous recruitment process. The CEOpointed out that Unice qualifications were outstanding as she was armed with skills in video & audio editing as well as graphic design thus shortlisted for interview. “Our recruitment process is very competitive, we offer jobs/internships on merit & not as tokenism. Unice underwent both the practical & face to face interview and excelled,” echoed Grace.

Unice who has physical disability could not hide her enthusiasm when she received her contract after internship early October. “Faustina, I have just received my confirmation letter, I am so delighted!” she gasped.

She said that the Communication internship at the iconic media house has offered her opportunity to apply her skills in a dynamic media environment. “My colleagues are very supportive, I have horned my skills through their support. The management has provided me with the necessary reasonable accommodation to ensure I work efficiently like everyone else,” added Unice

Ms. Grace acknowledged that bringing Unice onboard has been an eye-opener to their organization. Adding that through her support, they are becoming more disability aware and sensitive in all that they do. Grace reminiscence of how she saw her aunt who enjoyed good health throughout getting a condition that metamorphosed to disability. “We are all potential candidates of disability. In splint second, things can take a different turn. Have we prepared the way for ourselves in case of such eventualities?” she paused.

The radio talk show was aired courtesy of Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) programme under the auspices of Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) and implemented by a consortium of 10 partners led by Leonard Cheshire

Faustine Chepchirchir is the Communications & Media Officer for the Innovation to Inclusion Programme at Action Network for the Disabled.

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