The project aims to contribute to the achievement of better and decent living conditions for the child population with disabilities of informal settlements. The three (3) year project is implemented in partnership with the Italian Development Cooperation, No One Out, Call Africa and Deaf Empowerment Kenya (DEK). The following outcomes will be achieved through the project:

  1. Improved quality of service of the Health Centres on the prevention of disability and on early diagnosis of disability in children 0-5yrs, accessibility for persons with disabilities and the referral system of cases of disability
  2. Strengthened rehabilitation services for children with disabilities (0-18) through community-based rehabilitation (Group Therapy and Parental Skills)
  3. Improved awareness of families about disability and increased active participation in advocating for children with disabilities’ rights.
  4. Economic inclusion of families with children with disabilities
  5. Educational inclusion of children with disabilities (0-5) in 30 ECDCs.
6 hours ago
DPO leaders’ refresher training underway on Laws of Community participation in Kenya. Understanding the existing legal framework will enhance their capacity to champion for inclusion of persons with disabilities in employment. @i2iAid #ZeroBarriers4PWDs @FCDOInclusive ActioNetwork photo

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