Objective; Increasing access to SHRH for girls with disabilities

The project serves as a distinctively accessible and attractive entry point to empower girls with disabilities (GwD) to make well-informed decisions on their sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR), enabling them to (re)integrate and sustain their educational engagement alongside their peers.

Through spearheading of new and exciting inclusive sports club sessions with inbuilt SRHR learning, alongside experimental,, inclusive peer to peer mentoring sessions with in and out of school GwD, the programme will break new ground in establishing whether out existing evidence base of using inclusive sport for children with disabilities’ education access can be as impactful in tackling the often unspoken, culturally sensitive issues surrounding SRHR for GwDs.

This is Andy on Twitter

2 days ago
Parents should stop shying away from discussing matters Disability.Once a child without disability inquires about a CwD condition,they need to tackle the situation head-on&not go round about it.This will promote acceptance at the community level says @okongokennedy12 #ChangeMaker https://t.co/KkFGuV396Y ActioNetwork photo

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