Ready Steady Go is a projects that aims to improve access to quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) for Children with Disabilities in Kenya. The RSG project uses inclusive play as an early entry point and strategy for identification, intervention and inclusion to ensure CwD don’t miss out at the foundation level which is fundamental in building solid basis for their future educational and employment prospects.

The project is being implemented in 10 mainstream schools within Dagoretti and Kasarani sub counties in Nairobi, targeting children between the ages of 4-9 years.

The project expected outcomes includes:

  1. Improved capacity of Community Networks to support the Early Childhood Development of children with disabilities.
  2. Strengthened early Identification and practices to ensure CWD receive individual support needed in early years.
  3. Education Professionals are Better Able to Deliver Quality Inclusive Early Childhood Education for Children with Disabilities
  4. Children with Disabilities have Improved Personal and Social Capabilities as a Foundation for Lifelong Learning.
  5. Improved capacity of County Government officials to deliver ECD to children with disabilities.

This is Andy on Twitter

3 days ago
The rule is person first and not the other way round; persons with disabilities & not disabled people, the Deaf, a person with visual impairment, a child with autism/with down syndrome; use words that don't reinforce prejudice. #DisabilityEtiquette #ZeroBarriers4PWDs @jamokibaki

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