Our Programs

| Sustainable Livelihoods

ANDY empowers youth with disabilities with entrepreneurial and employability skills to enable them earn a sustainable income and therefore lead independent lives as well as contribute to national development.

We look at livelihoods not only as economic activities that people engage in,but also their social ,institutional and organizational environment .Our work in this area focuses on both human capital ( skills,knowledge,health and ability to work) and social,natural,physical financial and political capital.

We will champion the rights of persons with disabilities to decent work and equal pay for work done through our advocacy work and partnerships.
In this pillar,we are implementing the following projects:

The Maternal Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition (MNCH) Project, main aim is to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to health care services in disability – friendly environment.

To improve long-term capacity of civil society organizations, in partnership with state actors, to implement effective Mother and Child Health (MCH), nutrition and family planning services for marginalized populations in Nairobi, especially those with disabilities. The 4 year project is in partnership with Handicap International, Nairobi Family Support Services and Light and Hope for Children with Disabilities it is being implemented in Kibera and Korogocho. To date the project has reached over 300 Persons with Disabilities, over 100 Community Health Volunteers and through radio broadcasts reached approximately over 50,000 listeners with information on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health care. Groups of parents with children with disabilities and Community Health Volunteers were selected for the Voluntary Incentive Scheme component of the project and supported to start small businesses; the businesses are a source of income to the group as well as an activity which brings cohesion within the group. Over 15 groups have been supported within the project; more than 15 businesses established and health centres are being equipped to be disability friendly so as to provide disability friendly health care services.

This is an employment project handling the preparation and placement of persons with disabilities into job opportunities and working with employers to be ready for inclusion of persons with disabilities in their businesses. It has been transformed and founded as a social enterprise with an initial support from ANDY with a long term goal of becoming a stand-alone social enterprise.
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