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| Quality Education and lifelong learning opportunities

ANDY works to advance access to education for children and youth with disabilities both within the inclusive,integrated and special school settings,while emphasizing the need for educational facilities to be accessible in promotion of inclusive education.

We see education as the biggest liberator for persons with disabilities and thus an important investment in children and young people with disabilities.Our work is to ensure that children and youth with disabilities are not left behind as a matter of basic right enshrined in our constitution and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

We broadly look at education as both formal and informal and as is appropriate to one`s disability,ambitions in life. Skills and knowledge acquisition is therefore an important component of our work through various methodologies that allow our constituent to benefit and succeed in life.
Under this pillar, we are implementing the following projects:

For children, sport, play and exercise are vital for optimal growth and learning, stimulating physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. But the benefits of sport extend far beyond the individual. Through sport, we can lay the groundwork for positive, lasting change on the societal level.

ANDY in partnership with Able Child Africa is implementing a three year project: changing the game; sports for inclusion in six schools within Nairobi and Kiambu. The project which started in March 2016 is using sports as a tool to reach out to children with disabilities who are out of school.

The main goal of the project is using sports to increase access to quality basic education for children with disabilities. The project is also using sports to promote integration between children with disabilities and those without disabilities; hence eliminating stigma that comes along with disability.

The project activities includes: weekly games trainings in schools, inter-school sports friendly matches between special schools and mainstream,child rights clubs activities teacher’s ,training on inclusive education and child rights, Annual inclusive sports festival among others.

The sporting activities include: sitting volleyball, foot sole, goal ball, soccer, board games etc

Another year! Another chance to showcase our abilities! Another occasion to influence positively and bring a smile into a child with disability life! Another opening to show the world the myriad possibilities against impossibilities! Another panorama to champion for inclusive Education and Sports! Join us on 2nd March 2018 and experience a fun-filled day of sporting activities for children with and without disabilities during our annual Community Sports Day at Kenyatta University grounds. Karibu sana!

Community Sports Day!

2nd Phase of #NikoEducatable campaign Kicks Off

The 2nd phase of NikoEducatable campaign has kicked off. The initiative which is based on the mantra that Education for all should equate to the same opportunity for every child to access quality education including children with disability was launched on March 2nd 2019 at Kenyatta University Grounds.

Echoing Nelson Mandela on Education as the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world, Action Network for the Disabled implements NikoEducatable to fundraise for inclusive education for children with disabilities.

This year’s fund drive aims at raising Ksh 10 million to educate 100 children with disabilities within 120 days.

During our last campaign we fundraised KSh6.3 million. The proceeds were used to provide sponsorship, scholarship as well as provision of assistive devices including wheelchairs, crutches, special seats, diapers, spectacles and braille papers for children with disabilities in and out of school.

Providing sponsorship and scholarship as well as assistive devices make a substantial difference in bridging the gap of enrollment between children with and without disabilities who fail to access formal education due to lack of such prerequisite devices that facilitates mobility as well as sanitation because of poverty.

To support this cause, kindly send your contribution to M-Pesa paybill number 891300 Account Educate and Stand out to be Counted!

In partnership with Yetu, an initiative of the Aga Khan Foundation, ANDY is carrying out a local fundraising campaign drive to raise support for scholarships for children with disabilities; the campaign aims to raise an initial amount of 9 Million to support over 90 children with disabilities who are out of school, to access basic education. ANDY’s main targets are children with disabilities from impoverished homes.

According to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development report (2017), there are over 1.2 million children with disabilities in the Country. Out of these, 30% are not able to access education; of the 70 percent who can access education, more than 50% cannot afford to stay in school and complete their studies due to various additional expenses that disability comes with, including assertive devices such as white canes, wheelchairs or crutches.

NikoEducatable! campaign will establish a sponsorship and scholarship fund to support between 90 and 900 children with disabilities to access basic education and provide support in purchase of assertive devices.