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Action Network for the Disabled
 P. O. Box 5837 - 00200
B2 - MNG Apartments Ndemi Road Off Ngong Road Nairobi,
Nairobi Kenya

Despite persons with disabilities having the same rights as all other people to access health services, all the evidence points to them as experiencing unequal access to universal health services and barriers to accessing specialist and targeted health services that would enable them to lead ordinary lives.

Health has become a major issue among persons with disabilities, especially due to the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic and drug abuse. Many researches have shown that a large percentage of new HIV/AIDS infection occurs among the 18-35 age groups. Youth with disabilities are considered sexually pure and inactive thus the rise in rape cases targeting them, leading to sexually transmitted infections.

Women with disabilities on the other hand face a double-challenge in terms of accessing both ante-natal and post-natal care due to infrastructural challenges and unpreparedness of the attendants to serve them better. Current country wide HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns also lack specific attention to the needs of disabled persons making it inaccessible.

It is clear that a whole-system approach is needed to ensure the health needs of disabled persons are being met and that persons with disabilities are able to exercise their right to access healthcare in line with Article 25 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

It is from these needs that ANDY is implementing a health and fitness programme that gives specific attention to the issues affecting persons with disabilities i.e.  HIV/AIDS awareness initiative that is accessible to all types of disabilities, reproductive health concerns, mobility and general personal health awareness.

Our ambition is a health system that delivers first-class services and improved health for all. We work with our partners and members to ensure that we are an independent driving force for positive change by: influencing policies, creating disability related awareness to communities and health service providers and building capacities for persons with disabilities in various health matters including HIV/AIDS.

Programme Goal

To create awareness on disability, healthcare services, fitness, rehabilitation and make the services accessible to persons with disabilities.


Programme Objective

To improve access of youth with disabilities to healthcare services and information, fitness and rehabilitation.