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Alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, and prescription medications may all be substances of abuse. Drugs and alcohol abuse and its related problems are among the Kenyan society’s most pervasive health and social concerns.

Substance use disorders occur more often in persons with disabilities than in the general population. This includes problems related to the abuse of prescription medications as well as illicit drugs. Research reveals that Persons with any type of disability experience substance abuse at rates 2 to 4 times that of the general population. This is because PWDs are exposed to multiple risk factors such as social stigma, medication and health problems, and inaccessible and inappropriate ADA treatment services.

ANDY, through the ADA project, works with key stake holders (NACADA, Government ministries) to ensure that awareness on alcohol and drug abuse is created amongst youth with disabilities. In addition, ANDY advocates for substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment services that are sufficiently responsive to the needs of persons with disabilities in Kenya.

Project Goal

To create awareness of alcohol and drug abuse amongst youth with disabilities and attain improved access to appropriate ADA prevention, intervention and treatment services.

Project Objectives

To sensitize youth with disabilities on the issues of alcohol and drug abuse and break the stigma associated with it in an effort to ensure that addicts who are PWDs seek treatment

To work hand in hand with relevant government ministries, rehabilitation centers and NACADA in ensuring that ADA treatment other services are relevant and accessible to persons with disabilities.