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ANDY is dedicated to achieving equality, inclusion and empowerment of youth with disability in Kenya.  ANDY seeks to mainstream this group into all aspects of daily life – unfortunately yet far from common in Kenyan society. ANDY is a unique initiative that provides an inspiring environment for people with different types of disabilities – and people without disabilities – to work together.

Our Vision

Our vision is a barrier-free society fully inclusive of persons with disabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance and advocate for equal opportunities for youth with disabilities, through promoting proactive social and economic participation.

“ Socially, morally and intellectually, it is wrong to exclude one in ten of the world’s population from mainstream social, economic and political life. Always remember that the apartheid regime tried to block out the black majority in South Africa, but with devastating consequences. We should learn from history.”


  • To seek greater involvement of youth with disabilities in development and decision-making processes.
  • To facilitate socio-economic empowerment of youth with disabilities through self-sustainable projects. E.g. small-scale enterprises, micro-credit etc.
  • To facilitate information and service provision in health, mobility, legal and rights issues for youth with disabilities.
  • To encourage and facilitate the integration of disability issues in mainstream development processes in the country.
  • To liaise with other organisations to ensure that youth with disabilities gain access to resources, services and programmes towards their life improvement.