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The Uzalendo Project is a partnership of 2 civil society organizations, namely Forum 43 Kenya and Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY), who serves as the lead implementer. The Uzalendo Project’s mission is to leverage inclusion of traditionally sidelined voices in governance and service delivery processes in their communities to influence and secure positive outcomes as far as enjoyment of their basic rights accorded under the Kenyan Constitution.

A great majority of poor and marginalized people are not involved in the processes of public participation, accountability and gender inclusion, especially groups experiencing dual marginalization, including persons with disabilities and the elderly. Most of these communities are found in informal settlements, peri-urban and remote rural areas.

To drive an informed civic engagement towards the 2017 general elections, Uzalendo project plans to carry out a digital mapping exercise in sample areas of Kilifi and Kibera.

This will focus on key socio-economic indicators on health and educational facilities like the number and location of health facilities, schools and other educational facilities offering services. This research will be complemented and validated through focus group discussions and key informant interviews which will be published separately in the form of a report.

We are therefore looking for a consulting firm or an individual with expertise to carry out the said exercise as referenced below:

Terms of Reference for a consultancy to undertake participatory GIS Mapping of Health and Education facilities in Kibera and Kilifi.

Boundaries Tracing and Digitizing

-           Boundary Linear Tracing

-           Points of Interests (POI) Identification

-           Boundary Editing

Thematic Mapping of Health and educational facilities in Kibera and Kilifi

-           Geo data collection for GIS processing both linear and cluster points mapping of POI (Points of Interest

-           Thematic Data Collection

Data Geo Processing and Editing

-           Data analysis, verification and approval

-           -Data editing and processing

Map Production

-           -Maps Processing

-           -Maps Cartography and design

-           -Pictorial Representation of data

-           -Maps Printing

We would like to receive quotes from firms or individuals with expertise in the area of assignment detailing their schedule of work, milestones, budget and competency including three referees for previous assignments accomplished.

Your application should reach us via email jobs@andy.or.ke with a subject line GIS Mapping on or before 19th December 2016.

Due to time constraints and upcoming holidays,we will only respond to applicants who meet the deadline and are within our budget projections.Consider your application unsuccessful if you dont hear from us by 23rd December 2016. Canvasing will lead to automatic disqualification.

N/B: Action Network for the Disabled is an equal opportunity employer.

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