The 3-year programme funded by Department for International Department (DFID) UK; is implemented by a consortium of partners in Bangladesh, United Kingdom and Kenya; and led by Leonard Cheshire. Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) plays a leading role in the achievement of an inclusive private sector in Kenya and capacity-building of individuals and communities.

The programme aims to address key challenges persons with disabilities experience in accessing economic opportunities and waged employment in low and middle-income countries and it will:

  1. Explore innovative market-based interventions to improve livelihoods and autonomy for women and men with disabilities, through collaboration with traditional and non-traditional partners;
  2. Generate data and evidence to further understanding of whether persons with disabilities are benefiting from economic opportunities; and
  3. Promote sustained inclusive economic employment for persons with disabilities, particularly women.

This is Andy on Twitter

3 days ago
The rule is person first and not the other way round; persons with disabilities & not disabled people, the Deaf, a person with visual impairment, a child with autism/with down syndrome; use words that don't reinforce prejudice. #DisabilityEtiquette #ZeroBarriers4PWDs @jamokibaki

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