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There are many ways friends like you can assist our efforts wherever you are in this global village, there is a shared satisfaction when we help one another in solving problems that affect us the most and hinder progress in our pursuits.

You can come up with any fundraising idea; be it a party where you invite friends and talk about our work, organize a sale or auction in our favour, organize a campaign at your university, raise money through online mechanism in our support or organize a public speaking event and invite one of our member to speak to help raise money for our work and the list is really endless!

What you need to do is get intouch with us for the most current needs and we will also supply you with a letter to that effect and information pact about Action Network for the Disabled, we believe this can be a rewarding experience and you can choose what you want to support for any fundraising event you hold.

On our part, we will avail an accountability statement on how the proceeds have been used and those that benefited directly including the impact of your donation. This will also be shared openly on our website.