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Get Involved

1. Donate

ANDY relies on support from individual well-wishers, corporate bodies, development organizations, government and charity organizations to run its projects towards the empowerment of young disabled people in Kenya.

It is generous support from friends who believe in our work, which enables us to make a lasting positive impact in the lives of young disabled people in Kenya.

We are working to enable direct online donations from friends like you who feel compelled to support the continuity of our work.

Other ways to donate directly

2. Fundraise

There are many ways friends like you can assist our efforts wherever you are in this global village, there is a shared satisfaction when we help one another in solving problems that affect us the most and hinder progress in our pursuits.

You can come up with any fundraising idea; be it a party where you invite friends and talk about our work, organize a sale or auction in our favour, organize a campaign at your university, raise money through online mechanism in our support or organize a public speaking event and invite one of our member to speak to help raise money for our work and the list is really endless!

How to fundraise;

  1. Contact us  for our most current needs on +254 (0)20 232 4589 / + 254 (0) 715 613 602 / info[at]andy.or.ke or visit our offices
  2. Collect promotional materials and merchandize to be used during the fundraising.
  3. Carry out the fundraising activity
  4. Liaise with ANDY to deliver the fundraising proceeds to ANDY.
  5. We will then acknowledge receipt of the proceeds and provide a plan on how it will be used to further our vision.
  6. We will avail accountability statements on how the proceeds will be used.

3. Friends of ANDY

This is one way of continually getting involved in our work; it is a membership scheme where one signs at a fee which is used to support our activities and programmes to enable us reach more young disabled people around the country who need assistance to make it in life.
The membership fee is paid annually and is in the different categories.

View categories

4. Volunteer

At ANDY, we have opportunities for individuals who are passionate and empathic about people with disabilities. Action Network for the disabled gives you the opportunity to contribute in many ways and supports your professional and social growth.

We are always looking for individuals from across the world to join our teams in Nairobi.

Whether interested in a full-time or part-time position in Kenya or in being a campus representative abroad, please get in touch with us at info[at]andy.or.ke

How to volunteer;

Write an email to info[at]andy.or.ke with the following included;

  1. Enumerate your competency, reason as to why you would like to volunteer with us, and the period you wish to volunteer with us.
  2. Attached your CV
  3. Indicate whether you are self-sponsored or supported by institution/organization.

We will then get back to you about the next steps.