Bridge the Gap; Is an initiative of ANDY and Able Child Africa that aims to Improving Access to Quality Education for Children with Disabilities through a Youth-Led Early Identification Approach. Nine youths with disabilities mentor fifty-four children with disabilities in regard to education. The project seeks to improve education for Children with Disabilities (CwD) in primary schools by improving the capacity of EARCs- {Education and Resource Centres} and schools to eliminate this identification gap

Youth with Disabilities (YwD) partner with teachers in using Washington Group screening tool as an alternative approach that enables clearer identification of children’s differing needs at an earlier stage. Teachers are trained on best inclusive practices and participate in knowledge exchanges with experienced IE educationalists to implement this tool and advocate for its wider use.

YwD mentors support teachers to identify children who have additional needs; provide practical and emotional support to the

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3 days ago
The rule is person first and not the other way round; persons with disabilities & not disabled people, the Deaf, a person with visual impairment, a child with autism/with down syndrome; use words that don't reinforce prejudice. #DisabilityEtiquette #ZeroBarriers4PWDs @jamokibaki

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