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Objectives: To develop a comprehensive soft skills module on employability of women, youth and men with disabilities including those at highest risk of exclusion i.e. people with intellectual disabilities, those with hearing impairments, and young women in private sector. The soft skills module should be tailored and accessible to all types of disabilities both online and offline. The guiding principles should focus on; Positive self-concepts, empathy, goal orientation, self-control, social and communication skills.


1. The Training Module; Formulate a training program including all specific content and approach to be delivered to the participants with a detailed work plan of different activities and timelines involved for the soft skills preparation training. It should systematically set out what content will be covered and how it will be taught with clear indication of how each activity or session will contribute to increase employability of women and men with disabilities.

2. Score card; Development of a framework on evaluation of the Soft skills module to assess its competency.

3. Soft skills Training Manual for Instructors; A Training Manual focusing on the approach used to deliver the training.


• A relevant degree in social sciences in Psychology, Organizational Development, Human resources, Leadership development, Social Work, Public Health and other related field. Master’s degree is an added advantage.

· 3-5 years of professional work experience in the field of training and development, including designing and delivering Soft Skills Module /development programs’ training manuals;

· Excellent skills in presenting complex technical information in an easily comprehensible way;

· Adaptability and flexibility in working within complex and dynamic environment;

· Ability to deliver high quality products in a timely manner.

· At least 3 years’ experience of working with persons with disabilities especially women with disabilities will be an added advantage.


The consultancy will be for 15 days (including weekends) starting on November 20, 2019 to December 6, 2019

Reporting arrangements

The consultant will work under the overall guidance and supervision of the ANDY Senior Management Team and closely work with I2I Project Team at ANDY’s head office in Nairobi. The consultant will report to the Executive Director.


Please submit the following to jobs@andy.or.ke with cc to info@andy.or.ke by Midnight November 10, 2019**.

  1. Cover letter explaining your eligibility for the assignment and expected remuneration
  2. CV, including reverse chronological list of all projects/assignments and contact details (name, email/phone) of supervisors/clients. If you are a freelancer and referring to assignments completed on freelance marketplaces, please include link to your profile.

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