Orientation of New Board Members into ANDY Structure.

Event News
Some of the board members, a partner (front) and the training facilitator( in a regalia) posing for a photo after board training held at Leon Villas Guest House in Nairobi Kenya.

Action Network for the Disabled held its board training on 2nd, 3rd May, 2019 at Leon Villas Guest House along Ngong Road. The premier training which was also an orientation of the new board members was attended by the new board members and a partner. The overarching goal was to equip the Board of Directors with the expertise in providing advice as top-decision-makers, drafting policy, acquiring knowledge and skills in understanding the context of disability mainstreaming in projects. Below are some of the training outcomes;

  • Skills in Board Management and processes were imparted including Human Rights Approach (HRA) and Results Based Management (RBM).
  • Basic understanding of concepts, terms and issues in and around disability discussed and appreciated. These include grounding in the philosophical and conceptual framework of disability; basic understanding of key terms including but not limited to “Disability” “Person with Disability” “Equality & Equity” “Inclusion” “Inclusive Education” “Discrimination” “Reasonable Accommodation” “Universal Design” and “Disability Mainstreaming”
  • Gaps in ANDY governance and policy framework were identified and practical solutions proposed, discussed and adopted.
  • Local regional and international policy frameworks on disability discussed and appreciated.
  • Formal Board of Directors’ meeting held and appropriate policy decisions made A ‘Post-Board Training Execution Work Plan 2019 – 2020’ jointly developed and commitments made on ensuring its implementation; and
  • Formal Board of Directors’ meeting held and appropriate policy decisions made.



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