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David Omondi raising his concerns during a Disability Persons’ Groups (DPGs) training in Gem, Siaya County

By Faustine Chepchirchir

David Omondi is a young businessman and a beneficiary of Connecting the Dots Project in Gem sub-county, Siaya County. The young man was introduced into the project last year during the project mapping exercise.

Mr. Omondi who has physical disability is a business man cum farmer. The young man operates a kiosk where he vends basic household commodities including sugar, tealeaves, salt etc. He is also a serious poultry farmer who keeps both indigenous and exotic breeds as a source of livelihood in his home in Gem Sub- County.

Mr. Omondi acknowledges the Entrepreneurship Training at Tripple A hotel organized by Connecting the Dots Project in Siaya town as the most instrumental training he has ever attended. He noted that the training not only enhanced his skills in entrepreneurship but also inducted him into new ways of doing business.

“As a businessman, the Entrepreneurship Training came in handy and as a fast-track to my success in business. The training was a volte-face in my way of doing business,” said a happy Omondi

The young farmer said that he was apprenticed with Customer Care Skills that has helped him in dealing with his clients. He noted that at first it was very hard to understand and cater for the diverse needs of his clients which affected his business negatively as a result he lost majority of his customers but as a result of the training he learnt to be tactical in dealing with them.

“In order to be a good businessman, you must fulfill your customers’ needs I wasn’t patient at all with my clients. Some clients can be very rude and difficult to deal with but after learning customer care skills during the training, I have been to deal with them with prudence despite their insolence in order to stay afloat in business. Happiness is contagious! Most of my clients are happier than before and their turn over is high which translates to more sales” said a contented Omondi

Mr. Omondi added that through the training he also learnt on the essence of doing business in a strategic location in order to increase sells. He mentioned his aspirations of being a great business man in the country may be a tycoon in future and the training has brought him closer to his dreams.

“With information of how I can access money from lending institutions as well as funds meant for youth with disabilities, I am strategizing well before I apply for a loan. Once I apply and get awarded, I will use it as a capital to expand my business. I hope to relocate or start another business in a more strategic location probably a bigger town like Luanda where business blossoms.” Said an optimistic Omondi.

Connecting the Dots is a Deepening Democracy Program project funded by UKAID that aims at effective engagement of youth with disabilities in governance processes and economic opportunities in the 6 sub-counties; Alego Usonga, Ugenya, Ugunja, Gem, Bondo and Rarieda sub-counties of Siaya County.

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