Spectators watching keenly some of the products during the launch of six products by Humanware at Kenya Society for the Blind.


|New dawn for the Blind as Human Ware launches new Accessories

It was such an auspicious day for the visually impaired! Where technology and innovation were tailored to meet the sartorial needs of both the partially and the totally blind by Human Ware company.

Speaking during the launch of 6 magnifiers in Kenya Society for the Blind recently, Human Ware Chief Executive Officer Gilles Pepin said that the cutting edge technology aims at empowering the virtually impaired by giving them independence to participate effectively within a sighted world.

“These new generation of assistive devices for the partially and totally blind comes as a result of years of research and they are a plus to our wide range of products that envisage removing any access barriers for people with vision loss,” said Pepin.

Mr. Pepin noted that the new accessories are packed with educational tools while others were essential for business and personal use.

He noted that the innovation has been embraced fully by the United Kingdom government and as a result the virtually impaired have been fully integrated in regular schools since the innovation enables them to be at par in learning with the rest.

He urged the Kenyan government and other stakeholders to follow suit in order to bridge the gap between children with visual impairment and those who can see thus ensuing integration between the two in education and other co-curricular activities

Some of the accessories that were launched during that day include; Braillant B1 40, Prodigi Desktop electronic magni, Victor Reader Stream, Connect TM 12 and Braille B114

Human Ware company was started 25 years ago and has resulted in a range of highly intuitive and intelligent solutions that empower people who are blind or with low vision by giving them independence to participate effectively in a sighted world




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