Disability advocacy coalition – Oct 2017 – Apr 2018


Multiple discrimination manifests itself in the exercise of Employ-ability, Accessibility and Mobility rights; posing additional barriers for Persons with Disabilities in exercising their participation. Kenya has some of the most progressive disability laws in the world.

The legal regime demands equality, non-discrimination andinclusiveness for persons with disabilities in all aspects of national life; social, political and economic.

UNCRPD made the Kenya government require that all policies developed must mainstream and take into consideration issues relating to the rights of PwDs in national development thus leading to the introduction of Disability Mainstreaming indicator for the public sector in 2009. Unfortunately this has not demonstrated a redefined and restored social protection from irrational and unjustified discrimination for Persons with Disabilities.

States should recognize the rights of persons with disabilities to represent persons with disabilities at national, regional and local levels. States should also recognize the advisory role of organizations of persons with disabilities in decision making on disability matters.

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