Celine Akinyi a featured young entrepreneurial talent

Stories Of Change

Hey guys, remember we promised to share stories about people doing amazing things to make a difference for themselves and the larger community?

Awesome, before we introduce our champion for Wednesday, remember to share your story with us and #ThisCouldBeYou.

Next Wednesday we will meet Celine Akinyi, a Kenya Institute of Special Education graduate with a Special Need Education Certificate.

Celine started a distribution business of handcrafted items and recently joined www.rizikishop.com as one of the pioneer contributors. Celine joined us at the #DemocracyandRightsFestival organized by Forum Syd where she displayed her products and sold more.

Celine is visually impaired and works together with a sighted partner who assists her in the selection of the items, such as bags, ponchos, blankets, jewellery, and thanks to technology she can also independently choose the materials.

She uses an app, Be My Eyes to identify colours, patterns etc of items.

Celine has the same challenges like most small business owners face: To get the product to the customer is hard, so she hopes www.rizikishop.com will increase her visibility to reach more customers.

She dreams of being financially independent, and also to open up an institution to support visually impaired persons.

This coming Wednesday she will join us to share her experience, if you have any questions please share with us.


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