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Tell me about a child who doesn’t love his/her play, it is common knowledge that even in the early schooling; play is incorporated as a bigger component of the child`s time at school. This is because play helps children grow strong, improve their physical fitness, friendship with colleagues as well as achieve a brain growth.

This is, however, a luxury to the majority of children with a disability who do not have the opportunity to join their fellows at the playgrounds given their mobility challenges. These kids often watch from afar wishing to participate alongside their peers but discouraged due to the playground terrain and their disability which cannot allow them to mingle freely and enjoy a game.

A wheelchair is thus an important implement in fulfillment of their dream to participate in games together with their peers because it provides them freedom of movement to and from the playground as well as the opportunity to play some games while seated in the wheelchair. This makes a child active irrespective of his/her type of disability and they are always looking forward to another day to be able to participate in games alongside their peers in school.

It is, therefore, imperative to note that apart from being a mobility equipment, a wheelchair is an important asset to a child with a disability who needs it to be able to do other child-related activities either at home or school as they grow.

This is why we thank you for remaining steadfast in supporting this project so that we can enable hundreds of kids who cannot afford a wheelchair to have one and just be kids as their peers without being left out.

We have also launched an initiative to take children with disabilities to school so that they can fulfill their academic dreams, check more information here: NikoEducatable

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