Supporting the livelihoods of the Woodley Deaf Community

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The Woodley Deaf Community (WDC) group was formed during the 2007-8 post-election clashes in Kenya; during this time the Deaf community around Kibera and Woodley all met in the Guadeloupe parish for refuge. The group later realized that they had a lot in common and if they could come together they would be able to do activities which would benefit them as a group.
ANDY was referred to WDC by a participant who knew the group and their activities. After assessing the group and establishing they met the criteria set, the group went through a series of entrepreneurship trainings geared towards preparing them for starting up the business. After the initial training the group came up with a business plan which was later approved, it was later given a grant of Ksh.100, 000. The grant assisted in setting up the business including the capital costs items. Continuous monitoring of the business was helpful as the group later qualified for a second grant of Ksh 100,000 so as to boost their business and increase their range of menu items. ANDY has been continuously monitoring, mentoring and coaching the group to ensure their business remains profitable.

Food shop
The fast food business at Adams Arcade Stalls has employed its members. At the start their food variety was limited; however they have included a wider variety which has increased their customer base. In addition to selling food within the locality, WDC shares and ensures customers understand the deaf culture and sign language so as to have complete integration and empowerment.
The members who are involved in the business are 10 members; 8 members are deaf and 2 hearing, and are the interpreters for the group. The unique aspect of the business is that the waiters are Deaf and the menu is illustrated in sign language hence a great crowd puller to the business especially for the ones who are interested in learning the deaf culture.
You can join us in supporting such groups in Kenya through our livelihood program,reach out through our contact details.

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