Elizabeth Sakwa – CHV and Member MNCH Buddy Group

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Elizabeth Sakwa – CHV and Member MNCH Buddy Group

I, Elizabeth Sakwa am thankful for this VIS program. Am a member of MNCH Buddy Group and a mother of an epileptic child. I could not afford medicines for my child. My child always suffered seizures and could not attend school. Not only that; an epileptic child need a special diet. The VIS program has enabled me to achieve all the above. As you can see; here is the box of medicines and even my son is not here; he is in school!

NFSS gave me the VIS grant through my group and I invested in my detergent making skills. I make detergents for sale to schools and the neighbourhood.  I do train women living with disabilities on the skills too and also do sell the detergent making materials to them.

Identifying children and women living with disabilities within the community is my priority and I do refer them to NFSS for therapy services and medical attention. I give talks on good nutrition in the households I do visit. Thank you for your field visits too; they have made me stay on focus.

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